Who We Are

Our maple grove of 4,500 tapped trees is situated on the side of a mountain at the north end of the rolling Appalachians. It was first developed by Mr. Laurier Bélanger in 1998. We bought it in 2010 and have been enjoying the adventure ever since.

Our mission: make maple products known throughout Canada and abroad.

Our goals: to produce a range of tastes. Maple syrup should be known for its taste that can vary from sophisticated to bitter.

Our pride: the next generation who have enjoyed joining us on this adventure!

All of our products are sold through our web site. Even though we do not offer meals, it would be our pleasure to recommend other sugar shacks to you where you can satisfy your sweet tooth!


I studied in business management a few years ago and i love it! Born in Sept-Iles, when we bought the sugar shack, my goal was( and is) introduce the maple product all around the world because when a was young i could'nt taste it!And you have to know , manage a business whose products taste the happiness it's privilege! 

Rural engineer, i spent the majority of my chidhood in a Temincamingue dairy environment. To know  the agriculture at my wife that she does'nt know nothing about it, became a mission for me! Pass on my passion for the agriculture is important for me and see the next generation get interested , i'm so proud of it!

Young dynamic girl with an artistic sense, the sugar shack and the forest are a place to play, have fun, relaxe and take some good picture! Like her brother, she's in the quality department control but she's interest by the marketing and social media. Her goal? Everybody see the sugar shack and the forest with her pictures. Especially, those who cannot have this near by their home. Do all this by eating a maple cornet is the best! 

Young man who likes working and making some jokes, he fell into the maple syrup when he was one year old. His birthday is in the same time of the maple season so it's magical for him. THe sugar shack is a place who everybody should know ifor him.Proud to be in the quality department control, he likes to go in the forest with his dad to go tapping in fourwheeler. We don't knoe if it's the fourwheeler's ride or tapping is like the most. Only the future tell us!